Defencor Corporation (DC)

DC is a technological consortium encompassing a vast spectrum of intelligence informatics solutions and tactical interception technologies. Our innovative research & development facilities and laboratories, programming and systems integration are OEM. Our solutions are protocols that are CALEA, ITU, ETSI, ICAO, CAA that are compliant with international communications directives standardization.

Defencor are the experts in the development of dynamic software and systems manufacturing. Our expertise is based on developing stealth applications for national security, homeland security, the military sectors, intelligence, border control, international, federal, and state law enforcement.

We are the one of the leading providers of lawful interception technologies, surveillance intelligence systems, Electronics Intelligence (ELINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) solutions.

  • Satellite Signal Interception
  • Mass Surveillance System
  • Real-Time Geolocation Tracking
  • Real-Time Mobile Voice Call Divert

Clients we serve:

National Security Agencies
Military Sectors and Law Enforcement
Homeland Security and Border Patrol
Judiciary and Internal Affairs